Never ending....always start big!

queensharbotMay 27, 2005

When I first decided to quilt I bought a cheap sewing machine, picked out an extremely complicated star pattern from a Georgia Bonsteel book and completed a queen sized bed spread, complete with bed flaps around all sides....

now I have decided to try cross stitch....

first project - 2002 Dimensions gold santa tree skirt....three years on and I am finally working on santa number 5.

Never give up, never surrender!

What is your never ending project?

(I have lots of other projects and gardening always on the go)!


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QS - when I was in college my MIL-to-be showed me a catalog of fraternity logo stuff for the honorary frat my DH to be was of the items was a cross stitch rendition of the frat sheild - not many colors, but quite a large and complex design. I had never cross stitched anything, but I got the kit anyway! It came out pretty good! Just a couple of months ago I finished a mirror frame that looks like stained glass. It was four years in progress, partly b/c it's on 18 ct black fabric, and partly b/c it was BORING! Anyway, put my nose to the grindstone and finally finished it. I just recently started a xst for my DH of a large sailing ship in an oval frame, with a map of ancient England in the background. I think it's about 18 X 24 when finished.

(I do occasionally do a small, reasonable project, too! :D)

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rofl... yeah, yeah :)

had a friend move to Austin like 5 years ago who just came up for a visit, and there is the guest room is a petit point that I started the year she left - it's huge, 16x30, with 20 solid colors and 20 blends.

I got 30% of it done the first year, and then freaked out and stuffed it in a closet while we found and bought a house, packed, cleaned, painted, and I found it while unpacking...

now, it gives me something to do on mornings it's too wet/cold to go biking or garden. and DH isn't awake yet :)

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ha ha ha ha ...they are allllll never ending.....

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