Rayon fabric

maggiematerMay 2, 2011

Can anyone tell me a good project to use the rayon fabric about 19x13 inch samples? I am at a total loss as what to do with this.

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Depends on the pattern. There are a lot of really neat fabric crafts. You could make flowers, ornaments, etc.

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Thanks, I have all different colors and patterns.
Just hate to throw it out.

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I would not throw it out. If you can't find a use for it, donate it to a school or pre-school in your area. The teachers would probably love to have it. My kids come home with all kinds of creations made of fabric, pasta, paper, glue, etc. At Thanksgiving, they have to dress the turkey so he can hide. For Veterans Day, they decorated 3' paper dolls to look like specific heroes.

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