grandma_bonnieMay 26, 2011

Anyone doing any shows this summer? I say summer with a grain of salt - I have a three day show at the coast (Cayucos, CA) and it is supposed to be in the low sixties. Thank goodness most of my customers are from the valley and buy the neck coolers because they KNOW the triple didgets will be here soon... I have three next month - Porterville Air Faire , St Joseph Wine Tasting ( the redneck wine glasses should do well...) and a show at a California Mission ( this is the 65th show )) Come on Summer!!!

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We had a big craft show about 2 months ago, but I was unable to attend due to fact of slipping on ice and hurting my back. Right now no shows, etc some garage sales here due to the rain, cool weather and extreme flooding all over. Farmers still cannot get crops in etc. Not a good summer all the way around.

I do wish all of you the best of luck.
By the way, which Calif Mission. My sister in law lives near San Juan Capastranio in CA.

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Hey maria - it is in Fort Hunter Liggett. I live in Paso Robles, which is half way between LA and SF. It's near Pismo Beach and the hearst Castle...

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We are booked for the summer. We have about 12 shows lined up from now until Columbus Day Weekend, down from the usual 15.

Most of the shows are with well established promoters or are long running shows. This coming weekend I'm heading south to NJ for a show I first did in 1984.

We have shows throughout New England and eastern New York State.

I love what I do for a living!

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I wasn't sure you were still doing them, Christopher . You have a great product and , yep, I love it too... I did the State fair for two years, but it is too much work for too little $$$, but I did it - one of those things I always wanted to try...

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I've never done a state fair, but numerous small ones ranging from 3 to 9 days.
There's one fair here in Vermont that's been running every year since 1793.

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Wow! Now that's one long running show... I have had a few other fair ask me to come, but when I pay for my space AND a place to stay... There's no profit! I paid $1200 for the space at our fair along with $200 for the insurance - bad location both years and didn't make even $80 a day and I worked it myself! Too many long hours... This year, I'll just do the Farmer's Market and the two craft shows during that time and will probably make the same amount of $$$... It took me a week to get back on my feet after the fair last year - 10 hours a day on my feet is just too much.

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