Donating small appliances

puzzlefanDecember 3, 2013

As a volunteer, I say too many small appliances that we have to have collected at cost because the owner was inconsiderate. If it doesn't work, Please don't donate it because you think it might be usable. Do not donate used teflon coated pans, those with dents, etc. The majority of teflon coated pans are always scratched and not suitable for anyone's use.

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Sounds like the stuff my aunt gave me when she downsized. She wasn't inconsiderate, she just didn't know it was crap in my eyes. If your charity can't throw stuff out for free then perhaps they should be more discriminating in what they accept in the first place? It's not like they'd be insulting an aunt by saying "no thanks!"

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The problem too few volunteers plus items left in collection boxes. If I am working and can find the time, I have rescued a few toasters and such. It is amazing what a little cleaning will do. Yesterday from a collection box, we received a Breville 4 slice toaster. Looked nice but only one side worked. However after a good dose of cleaning via the exhaust side of a shop vac, both sides work!! Some times you get lucky.

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