Completely off topic, but...

maddie_in_kyDecember 15, 2012

Hi all!

I hope you all will forgive me for posting this here, but I figure that since you wise folks know about appliances and cooking, maybe someone could advise me on this--

IYO, what would be a good wine to pair with 12 year old cheddar? (I checked in the Wine forum, but that seems to be more for the winemaker)


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Cahors (a French appellation for a wine made from predominantly Malbec grapes) or its more affordable cousin, Malbec from the Mendoza region of Argentina. An aged cheddar has a very strong taste and a lesser wine than Cahors/Malbec is in danger of being overwhelmed; Cahors does not tiptoe meekly into the pairing.

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The nice thing about aged cheddar, depending on the sharpness, is that you can pair almost any wine with it. In most cases, you can treat it like you would a Parmesan. I think most people might lean towards a red like a Cabernet or a Merlot. Almost any red will work. But I'm going suggest something different and go white instead. Try a Viognier. I once went "out of the box" and served this white with a course ground mustard crusted beef tenderloin and it was a hit. It's a little spicy yet fruity so it can stand up against the cheddar without being too heavy. It's similar to a Gewurztraminer, which is more commonly available and also something you can try. HTH

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I'm planning a wine and cheese family (my kids are over 21) cocktail party for Christmas, looking for some good wine and cheese pairings. Does anyone know of a good book or website? I know my kids love cheddar, and they like rose wine. I'll also be buying a Merlot and probably a fizzy Prossecco.

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jscout: "But I'm going suggest something different and go white instead."

The first duty of any wine is to be red. [ducking and running] I say it facetiously, and there are those who disagree with me -- but (wait for it) they're wrong. [grin]

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