Scooby Doo- HELP! lol

linasiApril 10, 2008

Ok forget anything else I have ever posted I have to find small-ish Scooby Doo patterns to put in frames around my niece's room LOL.. I did a magazine freebie and put it in a nice frame and now she wants more... 4 year olds! hehe

Anything really, as I have only ever done the one magazine freebie tiny one so only have that pattern

I have Tatty Teddy, Newton, Disney, well loads and loads of others as a swap but as always I am always asked to do what I don't have so have to throw myself on your mercy .. pweeeease...

..I found a cross stitch chart book on US Ebay but *ahem* they want 59 dollars 99 for it and I'm afraid I don't love my niece thaaaat much *snigger*

I have tried oday to use the cross stitch pattern generator with photos I found on google but I'm afraid I came up with about 200 colours and can't quite get it to below 50...which surely isn't right lol....

MMMMwah thanks

Lin xxxx

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Don't know if this is what you had in mind,
but it is Scooby


Here is a link that might be useful: free scooby

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i hope this site could help you.. but they sure have a scooby pattern..

Here is a link that might be useful: scooby pattern

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look the easiest thing how to learn scoobie patterns is trying typing on google: scoobie patterns and go on the first website you find.

i hoped i helped you

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