Thought I would share...

sweets98May 1, 2007

Things are slow here and I guess I'm not helping by not posting :) I posted a picture of my suitcase last week and Luvs asked me to put it in the Decorative and Tole Painting gallery, too. Since then I uploaded and posted a few more of my things that I have painted over there.

Not everyone over here thinks to look over there so if you want to check them out, here ya go...

Here is a link that might be useful: My work

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Hi Sweets, you need to look back in the other forum for posts to your msg in the forum. There are good comments about your work over there, as is mine.


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I just responded to your reply. I have been checking in at the Gallery over there and answering questions and such. I just thought I would post here so if there were others over here that don't venture over there,they could check it out, too. :)

I know I didn't always think to look at the D&T forum. I tend to stay here. I just started looking over there!


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Those are all really nice.

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Wow Leslie, Awesome job!!! Thanks for posting it for us.

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You sure do beautiful work love it all! thanks for shareing.

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