what I have been working on, sorta crafting

oddieMay 25, 2007

Hubby and I desided we wanted a small pond to put goldfish in and let the GC watch them grow, beleive me when I say it was alot of work and crafting.

If you read my post you will know that I dont do well with colors was wondering if I should paint the light the color of the fountin? always open to ideas,

Thanks for looking


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Just beautiful. I too would like a pond....guess I better get busy. Lynn

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That is fantastic Oddie Congrats to you and Hubby!! I think the light is ok like it is.

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Wow! That looks great Oddie. Perfect just the way it is. Wanna come do one for me too? Luvs

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Wow, That's awesome Oddie!!! I sure am hoping for one this year. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

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Thanks everyone! glad you like it.
I love hearing the running water, you can close your eyes and dream away! gonna add a few water plants. and some more pots of flowers for color.
sorry luvs dont think I could talk hubby into digging another hole LOL! we have that hard clay and most of the rock you see we took eather out of the ground or got out of the creek, the flat rock we got by the dump truck load and made two patios and walk ways.
Thanks agine

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Oddie, how wonderful to have those flat rocks available. They would be quite expensive here. At my other house, I swore the rocks were multiplying--I could dig up a flower bed and clear out the rocks, then a couple months later dig in the same place and find more rocks! Glad you got this project done and are now able to just enjoy it. ;o) Luvs

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That's really nice. :)

I have always wanted a pond but I don't know where to start and really where I would put it, there is no outlet nearby. So DH and I have just built a dry pond and river bed in the back yard where a spring comes up out of the ground when we get enough rain. This area is at least damp most times and during a really good downpour, I actually have a flowing creek! We're working on widening the stream right now because we didnt make it wide enough to begin with. We also need to add more stone because it's not deep enough and we used too small of pebbles so I have had troubles with it. I did more research and just moved new plants over on the wet side that can handle the wet. It's a constant work in progress and it's not even a real pond. I don't know what I would do if it was! LOL

Enjoy all that hard work!

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That is great. I have 2 small ponds also. And i love them.

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It's gorgeous Oddie, what a wonderful pond setting. I agree on not painting the light. You have the terra cotta pot there, add some more of them and let the light stand out amongst the burnt orange colors of the terra cotta. Exccellent work, just excellent.

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Thank you! would love to see photos of your ponds and sweets dry pond, this area is right off my back porch, not my frist choice because of bugs, but safety reason with the GK, and the raccoons would have eaten the fish by now if it was away from the house.
The fountain is a old lamp base that hubby cut the top out, I did a cooper pitna paint job sealed it real good, will see how long it last in the weather and with the GK.
luvs the flat rock is sand stone I beleive, we paid $30 for a dump truck load, you could pick and load what ever you wanted.
Thanks agine

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