ligthing decorations

nickleerMay 14, 2007

what are some interesting lighting decorations to have in the home, and some places to get them from

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I'd say that depends on how you are decorating your home. Can you give us some more info - are you looking for regular lamps/overhead lights, or purely decorative lighting as lights on a grapevine wreath.

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I was in Target the other day, and they had an amazing variety of string lites for the patio. Also, in a Nell Hill book that I just received, she shows real chandiliers hanging from tree limbs for outside dining ambience.

For inside lighting ideas, I enjoy seeing what Candace Olsen on HGTV does. You might check the website for ideas.


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I got some lava lamps not sure if that what you really want but my kids love them and I'm also thinking of getting a plasma ball/orb/lamp more of a novelty though but the kids like them, Walmart and target do supply them not sure bout the plasma ball but.

Here is a link that might be useful: place i got mine from

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