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Ladytex27April 27, 2005

Hi everyone,

One of my cross stitch leaflets has gone missing (well two actually), and I desperately need your help. I can't even remember the exact name of the series of teddies, but I know they are very well known. The two booklets I am missing are Professions and Professions 2 (either that or Occupations and Occupations 2...I can't remember exactly as I got side tracked when I last worked on them). They have the teddies as an aviator, ballerina, teacher, football player, ice skater, librarian, policeman, firefighter, etc. I was working on an afghan with these booklets, and have misplaced them. Yikes! After searching my home, I decided to seek help from my fellow stitchers. I know I have these books somewhere, but in the meantime, I am desperately wanting to finish the Aviator chart (the ballerina was the next square in my afghan). I really don't want to repurchase these books, as I know they are here somewhere. But I am sure I can work out some way of repaying anyone who is willing to help (I am not even looking for the entire books, just the Aviator and maybe the Ballerina charts, so I can finish those squares while I am searching).

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: I have NO idea how to change my email address on this site!!! So, please send any replies to me directly at

I am disabled and my friends and family (bless them) often come and help me clean my home. Unfortunately, this makes finding these extremely difficult at times! ALL my books were missing up until a few days ago. Why they are not all together, I do not know. I am just grateful I found some of them again!


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I went and had a look at
and I'm pretty sure that these are the ones that you're looking for. I have bought from them before and tink that their service is great. In less than one min. the pattern is in your mail.

Good luck!!


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