How to glam up Emu Eggs ?

toomuchglassApril 6, 2011

I bought 6 emu eggs from E bay .... oh ... about 10 years ago . Nothing like putting off a project....ugh.... LOL Actually , I thought they were emu .....maybe not - because they're white . But they're big ! I've been keeping them because "Some day" I'd like to find a way to really jazz them up with crystals and gold leaf ,etc. I googled everything I could think of , but only found carved eggs or painted eggs. Do you know of any sites that show jeweled eggs or give any ideas on how to do something fancy ? I'm googled out .....

Thanks for any ideas you can come up with !!!

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I have one that I love, mine is an ostrich egg. I keep it plain. But I like the idea of gold or even silver leaf. You could have a lot of fun decoupaging them and then maybe embellish with crystals.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dovetales Antiques & Home

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You can buy pretty paper napkins. Separate the layers of the napkin and only use the decorative layer. Tear it into workable pieces. Ragged edges is what you want, so don't try for neat and tidy. :) Then use mod podge, or watered down Elmer's to cover the egg with the pieces of paper. Let it dry well. You can coat with another layer of just the mod podge. It dries shiny. Use a bottle cap to set the egg so that it can dry without rolling around.

Cover any areas that were not covered in the first round. Then if you want you can add beads, pearls, glitter; whatever is pleasing to you. I used to do this with my kids when they were young, (and so was I ;).

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