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minnie_txApril 20, 2007

I'm afraid these might be hard to see. I've made Santa cinnamon sticks before but these are so cute (3/.25¢) Each one is holding a little wooden heart.

The Rudolph pins are on green felt. The head of Rudolph is a piece of pine cone!! I guess you just break the piece off. One Pine cone could make 50 or more haha.With the addition of the google eyes and tiny bell and ribbon it makes a nice pin. These were 5/1.00 I got them for the pattern!!

The red scissor necklace is not really an ornament. I discovered that the little scissor case is really plastic canvas folded in half with a crocheted chain!! nice little gift for a club meeting table favor. Thought you'd like to see what's new.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I really like the Santa cinnamon sticks, they are so cute. I agree that the other ornaments would make great club meeting favors.


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I like those Santa sticks too. I'll have to make some of those this year. TFS ~Anj

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Do the santa sticks hang on the tree? did not see a hanging loop. how would one display them? thanks

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surfergal I don't see any kind of hanger on the Santas. Maybe they are for sticking in plants??

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Yes Ive madethese I used fishing line to hang them really cute.I used the paint for snow for 3d effect,for hair & beard

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I still have some of these ornaments from our first year of marriage, when we could afford nothing. I blew out eggs and painted the shells white and glued on small cut outs from wrapping paper or magazines, then varnished them. They are classic and I was surprized to see some on my brother's tree recently. I forgot i had sent them to him 30 years ago! I also made some salt dough ornaments - simple candles came out the best: painted candle white, flame yellow/orange and added holly leaves and berries at the bottom. These show up well on a tree and with a couple of coats of varnish have survived about thirty hot humid summers in the attic! Still also have a couple of snowmen made of felt with felt top hats and red scarves. Just blanket stitched and lightly stuffed. These are a little more time consuming, but very cute and fun to do when just relaxing in the evenings.

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