Painting on glass?

JoAnn_FlaApril 11, 2011

I have a very nice hummingbird feeder that needs a touch up on the paint. What paint will stick to glass? Can regular craft paint be used and maybe sealed?

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Well, I got a glass 1 from nursery & no birds came as ports didn't have flowers around them, That part was plastic & I used Patio paint & put yellow flowers around each hole so hole was center of flower. That worked well. Glass part had some red on it so I didn't do anything. But I took a class in glass painting & the paints can be gotten at Joanne's or Michaels. FolkArt Enamels have an "E" on top of the 2 oz bottles,actually by Plaid. But you either have to put glass in oven for couple of hours or let the glass set for 30 days so it is permanent. Go to Plaid website & I think they would tell you how long the glass would have to be in oven. I made a mug decorated with roses for hot tea so just let it sit 30 days. Think when you turn oven off you just let it sit overnight until cool & then can use next is their site & I think would locate store near you also. Jan

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