Scrapbook machines & hand tools for fabric & felt???

hobby_libbyApril 7, 2011

Can the Sizzix & Cricut machines with dies, punches, edging scissors, & so on, also cut fabric & felt?

I'm not a paper person, but anything that could give me such variety & limit hand work with fabric & felt would be very nice.

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You bet! I have both a Sizzix and a BigShot and love them both because they can cut everything from paper to thin metals. They will cut your fabrics very nicely. :-)

*I never opted to buy an electronic die cutting machine like the Cricut because they are more limited in the materials they can cut and didn't want yet another electronic device that can break down or need replacement blades, mats, etc. but I do believe that the Cricut does cut fabrics. There is a community board at that could probably answer your questions.

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That's great news! I didn't know this since I've always shied away from that area of the stores & ignored all talk/reading of anything dealing with paper! lol

Just how many of these machines are there on the market?! 8-O

I'll just look around at the Cricut forum. I don't want to have to register at yet another forum to ask one Q. eek lol

IDK what this Big Shot is. I'll have to do a search for it.


Oh, can the scissors, & circular punches or whatever they're called, with all the fancy designs cut fabric & felt?

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