fruit topiary tree

mleaApril 8, 2007

I've been asked to make something similiar to these photos (the straighter one actually) but wondering if anyone has an idea of how to do it so you can pull off the fruit without it tipping over? And what would you use for a base? I've made a couple in the past, but nothing shaped like this. The last one I did was a starfoam tall cone, that I covered with lettuce leave and inserted the toothpicks in one end that that end stuck into the starfoam. You see the toothpicks are on the outside of this photo, so do you think they inserted 2 different toothpicks? They'd have to be extra long to hold it into the starfoam or whatever base they used. They say it is 3 ft. high. Any suggestions would be greatly appraciated. I think it's such a cute idea. I thought I could post a photo....maybe someone can direct me where to go so I can post the picture?

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Hi Mlea, Below is the link (copy & paste to your web browser line above) wherein I explained how to post pics using "" - once you get the hang of it, it's relatively simply. If you have any questions, just put them in your post here and I'll check back tomorrow for it.


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