Oddie, how about an update?

luvstocraftApril 11, 2008

Hi Oddie, I was just wondering if you are still listing your crafts on Etsy--and how it is going? How about an update on what you've been making and selling? Luvs

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Thanks luvs, not much going on, I added a winebottle light sorta like the last one I showed to you all, and the red suitcase I painted, havent sold one thing, but people are looking! so thats good! I wonder about my priceing, never was good at it, lots of beautiful crafts on etsy! lots gets lost in the pages if you dont list alot, havent got into chating on there fourm, seems thats something you need to do to get your shop noticed, if nothing sells then I am not out much!
Have a couple windows I want to paint on found the extender I was looking for to do the stained glass look, but so far I have just got them cleaned up, postage would be aufull to sell them on etsy, one of the draw backs to selling on line.
I tried makeing the button flowers, but had no pretty bright colors to use like yours were, so I will keep a eye out for some.
Thanks for asking luvs!

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I probably missed your Etsy name, could I/we see your things?
Suzan J

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Thanks suzan for asking, its oddie3.etsy.com any feedback on my shop would be welcome! good or bad!

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