who makes the best appliance package?

ldg4511December 18, 2010

We are going to be building a home in the spring and will be in the market for a complete lineup of appliances. I stopped at a local store the other day and the salesman gave me brochures for ge, maytag, whirlpool, frigidaire, and electrolux, and said that they all make good products that we had to decide which style we liked best. I was wondering if there was one brand that might be on top of the others in quality for they're overall lineup or if one makes a better oven and the other makes a better refrigerator, etc. We don't have an exact budget nailed down yet, but there will be one. We are looking for ss appliances, a large capacity french door refrigerator, we have not decided yet on gas or electric range/oven, and we want a wall oven/microwave combo. We would like to go with one manufacturer to keep the styles the same. Except for the washer/dryer. I am sorry for the lengthy post and I know I am asking for a lot of information, I just want to be able to make the right decision when making a purchase of this size. thanks

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no single manuf. makes the "best" of everything.

best to nail down your needs + wants and then your budget BEFORE you start dreaming.

the best appliance set on a $2500 budget is vastly different than the best at $25,000.

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Most of us on this forum mix brands. You can get appliances that look good together without going with a single brand.

As far as the range goes, get a gas or induction range - don't bother with an old electric range.

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As has already been said, don't get an appliance package. If you are worried about matching the handles, or matching the stainless steel, really, no one will notice if the handles don't match, and manufacturers use different stainless steel even within the same brand. You will regret buying an appliance package, for a number of reasons. I am linking below a previous thread that discusses the reasons not to go that route.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Appliance Packages

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Thanks for the advice on the "package" deals. We are basically looking for quality appliances but do not necessarily need bells and whistles. We are a family of 5 so we would like a large capacity french door refrigerator with the freezer below but we do not want the ice maker or water dispenser. We do not need a dishwasher with 14 different cycles, just something that will get our dishes clean, that is somewhat quiet and will hopefully last a while. We are leaning more towards a gas free standing range but are not completely sold on it yet. For the wall oven/microwave combo we would like to have the convection option. Thanks again!

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OK, I'm no expert, but I'm going to put in my vote for one package. Yup, I've read most of the other posts and understand the arguments against doing a package, but we've picked what we think is "the best for us". I'm doing this to give those that know more an opportunity to change my mind before pulling the trigger, and maybe the OP and I can learn something.

While they may not have the "technically" best of everything, after doing our research, we are planning on getting a complete package from the Thermador Professional line: Freedom Columns, cooktop, double ovens, free dishwasher and free island hood. Heck, we are even considering their new steam oven. OK, I can hear you all, nothing is ever "free", but come on, these all seem like reasonable choices. The only "major" kitchen appliances we are not planning to get from Thermador is a microwave and undercounter beverage fridge. We rarely use our microwave and are planning to get either a "disposable" one, or none at all.

We still have time to make a final decision, so please show us the error of our ways!

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bob- the current T'dor offer is hard to ignore but..................

Their ovens are a bit of a crap shoot these days. Nice specs on paper, but they've had a some recalls for safety issues, and generally high failure rate in my experience. The DW is OK/nice for "free" as it's a rebadged Bosch, but there are better for the same $$$ and Wolf is giving you cash to buy whatever DW you'd like. Fridges are great, ctops are good/OK - some don't like the on / off again burner for simmer and many like the star burner design.

Like I said before - op needs to refine the parameters. T'dor is attractive if your budget is $10k +, but if you've got $3200 to spend, then it becomes irrelevant.

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We do not need a dishwasher with 14 different cycles, just something that will get our dishes clean, that is somewhat quiet and will hopefully last a while.

That describes 99% of the dishwasher buyers on this forum.

About 1% are dishwasher geeks that love every last bell,whistle and cycle.

Yes, there are dishwasher geeks. LOL

First thing first, what is your overall appliance budget?

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We are still in the process of getting numbers for the cost to build the house, so what we have to spend on appliances might vary a little but I would say a ballpark budget would be in the $5,000-$8,000 range.

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You can get a whole kitchen full of perfectly good appliances in your range, especially if you're careful about getting whatever deals and discounts are out there. The problem is that the response Antss gave to Bob is about the same for any maker, though the details differ. If you want all appliances from the same line you're getting an average across the kitchen of good function, rather than across all lines.

A lot of appliances nowadays have complicated electronics whether you want them or not. They need them to meet conservation goals. That makes them a lot trickier to design and build and some companies do better on one thing than another, and others have higher failure rates than others. For instance, you want your oven to get hot, and might adore to have self cleaning, but did they do a good enough job shielding the electronics from the heat? Or will using the self-cleaning wreck the enamel that's supposed to protect the interior?

I have no first hand knowledge, but names that get the least overall disapproval seem to be KitchenAid, GE, LG, and Bosch (no particular order), though they all have knocks against particular pieces.

Like the others, I'd suggest you'll be happier if you go to the store and choose the appliances that suit you best, instead of settling for something inferior just because it matches.

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Ok, here is my advise given those parameters.


Fridge Samsung RF263AERS $1529

Range Bertazzoni Professional Series X304GGVX $2749

OTR Micro Sharp R1880LSRT $516

Dishasher Bosch Ascenta Integra Series SHX6AP05UC $716

Laundry Room

Washer Bosch Vision 500 DLX WFV6450UC $679
Dryer Bosch Vision 300 DLX WTUC4300US $759

Total $6948

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Thanks for the recommendations! I apologize for the late reply. Before I read your post I was looking at the Bosch HGS5L3Uc range with the Maytag mmw7530wdw wall oven/ microwave combo. Do you know anything about these products? The reason I ask is because if I am end up being at the lower end of my approximate budget I could get both the range and the wall oven/micro for just about the same price as the bertazoni range with the sharp microwave.

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Re Maytag mmw7530wdw

I know the intregrated MW that looks like a minioven looks great but these units,and all Whirlpool family units including kitchenaid,are among the worst in the business.

Frigidaire PRO,GE, GE Profile, and if you can stretch the budget, Bosch are better. GE Profile and Bosch much better IMO.

Re Bosch HGS5L3Uc

You can always make a winning utilitarian argument for the cheaper appliance.

The Berta is not going to cook your food any better than the Bosch. The Bosch has alot of electronic doodads that can break. Including a mother board and that electronic display on top. I am not sure if that display is covered in glass.Most are covered in plastic and can melt.

You can't escape the electronic doodads in an electric wall oven but you can in an AG range. Whereas most electric wall ovens have a definite lifespan simple AG ranges can last your lifespan.

IMO the Range is the heart of the kitchen. The Berta will give your kitchen a "WOW" factor. Particularly if spend for the color option. Like Ferrari Red or Yellow.

The Knobs are like fine jewlery.

For your budget,if it where me, I would get all solid mid-line products like Samsung fridge but get the Berta for the "WOW" factor.

Your kitchen goes from yada yada yada to something special.

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One warning: We recently had to have a GE service tech fix our Profile oven. While he was there I brought up a thread that was posted here complaining of bad performance of a GE dishwasher. He told me that the current GE lines of dishwashers were plaguing him because none of them performed well and customers were unhappy.

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