2013 Electrolux ovens or another alternative???

gabethanDecember 20, 2013

I've read numerous issues with Electrolux ovens throughout this forum. I know older models had some issues, but has this been resolved and are the newer models a good choice?

I am realizing that I'm not going to be able to get a Wolf budget-wise. I'm looking for a good alternative. I was looking at the Kitchen Architect which gets great reviews on cooking, except for the noisy fans.

Also, I was reading about Bosch 500. It seems like a good oven, but reading that overall interior quality is so-so.

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This message is sticking to the top, so I thought I'd write something else...

Decided against the Electrolux. Looking at a Kitchenaid Architect II or a GE Cafe.

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Bad Decision!


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Gary, Have you seen this? On the Electrolux extended service contracts(after 1 year) they are excluding the interior enamel.

From that contract.
"This Service Contract does not cover ... service or replacement of porcelain enamel, exterior and interior finishes"

I don't feel like I can recommend that oven any more if they are not willing to stand behind the product any better than that.
It also leaves some doubt that these issues are fixed. It is a shame.

It is also spelled out on the ICON website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summary of Service Contract Terms and Conditions

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Well, on 2nd thought, considering your post, Wekick, maybe the Bosch is a safer bet.

I don't ever recall seeing a negative post on a Bosch oven, I may have missed one, but still complaints are pretty rare.

It really is a shame, Elux has chose to do business that way.

I've had mine well over 7 years now, and no chipping or problems of any kind, whatsoever.

But they have cheapened things since mine was made.
Mine has the removable bottom, like the new Wolf ovens are going to, and Elux got rid of that on the new ones.

Porcelain problems on the Elux's was not near the problem as it was on the Wolf's, so I don't know why they are choosing "The Coward's way out" on their warranties.

Anyway, I agree with you, Wekick. I expect my oven to last well over 10 years, and Elux's new warranty does not "gimmie a warm feeling" that the new ones will last even as long as my old one will now!


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That is a bummer - the Elux is one of the sexiest ovens out there. I was all ready to pull the trigger and then heard about porcelain problems and bought a Wolf - oops - so far, no problems but keeping my fingers crossed.
BTW - my SIL has a Bosch and hates it. She wants to get an Elux...

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Gosh, I wish someone had a trouble free oven that didn't cost a fortune. I was ready to climb up to Elux. but now I don't know what will replace my old GE Profile which has unreliable control buttons. They are working again for some reason. Might be that I gave the panel a good hit with the side of my fist the last time they quit working. Sorry to hear a2gemini's sIL didn't like her Bosch. Maybe he (she?) could get the details on what was wrong with that.

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While I agree that it disappoints that the elux warranty specifically excludes the enamel and exterior finishes, do other ovens include that in their warranties? I, too, have been considering the bosch (or elux). I was unable to find the bosch details on their warranty, so for me, I think the two are difficult to compare. Bosch looks nice, but it isn't as sexy at the elux.
Not an easy choice!

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" Posted by Juno_barks
I was unable to find the bosch details on their warranty, so for me, I think the two are difficult to compare. Bosch looks nice, but it isn't as sexy at the elux."

You might be able to find an extended warranty from another company that will cover the enamel. Mine was repaired under an extended warranty from the dealer. Some have 10 year terms but read carefully. Some might try to construe the enamel as cosmetic. The point is that given the problems and knowing what they know, they have excluded it. I'm not sure Bosch even has their own extended warranties. Electrolux makes the Kenmore Elite with dual fans and it has gray enamel.

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Dang! I almost wish I hadn't read this thread. Have been planning all along to get the Elextrolux, though I also thought the Bosch would be fine and we are getting Bosch for induction and DW. Now I'm not sure what is going to tip the balance.

A2, what does you SIL hate about her Bosch?

And is the enamel issue strictly cosmetic or functional? And does it just seem to be a "lemon" issue, by which I mean experienced by an unlucky few or is it more universal?

I really didn't want to re-visit this decision-- there are still plenty ahead, so I like having some that are Final. Or is it "final"?

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She hates how it bakes. Says it is very uneven.
I cooked a turkey in it a year ago and it was fine

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