looking for ems babies (hamster, turkey, polar bear & spider)

mashimarokelMarch 8, 2005

Hi ! I am looking for the above ems babies. I have plenty od patterns to share (Precious Moments, Care Bear, Strawberry shortcake, etc...)

If you are willing to share, please email me.



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i have the patterns but i don't have the colour scheme for them - e-mail me if still interested

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Illegal sharing of my patterns is a crime. Please respect my copyrights on the EMS Animal Babies.

Ellen Maurer-Stroh, Designer

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Please forgive me for sticking my nose in here. I have read the posts a few times. Neither of these people said anything about getting or receiving copies of your charts. Alot of people will trade a chart when they are finished with it. Is that illegal? I am under the impression that trading a chart is perfectly legal.

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well i heard that its not i had a BIG shock ive been breaking the copyrite law by exchanging patterns that ive bought and made then given to my sister in exchange for ones she had done its not fair an original copy of a pattern you have made and paid for you should be free to do what you want with when you no longer need it i mean are all those selling charts and kits on ebay breaking the law to????????

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If you purchase a paper chart, you can stitch it then sell it, trade it, give it away or burn it, if you want to.
What you cannot do is make a copy of it and pass that copy on. You also cannot make a copy to keep and get rid of the original.
Most charts now say you may make a working copy only.

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Hi! the only things I have in the EMS series, is the Drummer Bear Baby & the Barnyard baby but it has no instructions, I didnt know why, it just printed that way. If you have either one of those, Please let me know. I also have many other patterns that you may want. Thank You So Very Much! Vonnie My E-Mail is vonnieanderson2006@yahoo.com

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