My wonderful find!

peggy555March 18, 2009

I just had a fantastic find and thought "who could I tell". Then I knew I had to tell the only people who would understand, other crossstitchers.

While cleaning out my craft supplies, getting ready for a yard sale, I found a old wicker chest under a bunch of stuff. When I opened it, there inside was a treasure trove of cross stitch supplies! I thought I was going to faint! Over 20 years ago I worked in a fabric shop that also carried cross stitch supplies. I bought loads of it over the year or so I was there, and then couldn't remember where I'd stashed it. I found full yard pieces, different colored packaged pieces, some gingham squares and other decorated squares for pillows, waste canvas, perforated paper, and even some of the vinyl type paper. There were several different size of hoops, needles, etc. I couldn't believe they looked as if I had just put them in the chest. No yellowing, etc.

I also found all my knitting needles, and my crochet hook set, plus a set I didn't even know I had (unfortunately I've bought replacements). There was also several crochet thread balls, that I can use right now on a project I'm starting.

I'm thrilled and just had to tell someone!!!

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How exciting! That's wonderful that you found it! Now you have too many goodies to chose from :D


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