can I tea-die ribbon?

donnas_gwApril 16, 2009

I'm making a wreath using wood cut-out stars. When I painted the stars, instead of bright red, I used a barn red paint, and antique white instead of regular white. I have some 100% polyester red/white/blue wired ribbon with stars and stripes, but the red and white in the ribbon is not the same shades of red and white that I painted the stars....they are bright red and regular white. Can I tea die the ribbon to make it look a little darker? Also, I'm wondering if I should use some kind of twine (or maybe something different) all around the wreath under each star. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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Can you cut off an inch or so of ribbon and try it?

I'm not sure if this would work either, but what about watering down some brown paint and immersing the ribbon in that.

The twine might look nice if you're going for an older look. I'm picturing something that sort of wraps around like a vine. That may not be what you're trying to describe. It all depends upon how you put it together.

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If the ribbon were cotton there would be no question, It will work. If it is made of poly it may not take dye. Knowing me, I would do it anyway but do not rinse the tea out. You can try it on a small piece first if you want to. If you do choose the diluted paint make sure it is super watery. I'd test a small on that too.

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I agree with both of the posts, cut a piece off and try it and because it's poly, it might not work. Something you could try: Water down antiquing stain (I use Folk Art Antique Stain) and quickly dip the ribbon it in. I think if you use it full strength, it will be too dark. Another thought is to put the watered down stain into a spray bottle and spritz the ribbon. Or, do the toothbrush trick, dip the bristles into the stain and then run your thumbnail backwards over the bristles so it sprays onto the ribbon.

Hope you'll post a pic of your wreath when done, I'd love to see it.


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Thanks all...I did cut off an inch to see if it would work. It didn't take at all. Guess I'll save that ribbon for another wreath. What I did instead was, I bought some homespun plaid fabric and cut a strip and tied it onto the wreath. I didn't put anything on it but the stars. It's not perfect, probably still needs something else. It's hard to find a nice looking grape vine wreath anymore. That one came from Michaels, and I think I could have made one just as good lol.

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