What were those dangly things called again??

LaraApril 2, 2007

I beleive it was on this board where we were making them a couple of years back. We glued flat backed gems/marbles to monofilament, then attached fishing swivels to one end and hung them from wire baskets. Someone on another board said it was a suncatcher, and yet another called it a windchime, but that dosen't sound right. Does anyone remember what we called them? Can someone post a pic? Thanks.

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oh, I forgot, we also glued little square mirrors to the monofilament, along with the glass gems.

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I Have one in the attic that I made when this was mentioned. I don't think it had an "Official" name . ( At least I don't remember ! ) I've always called it a suncatcher.

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Don't know what they are called either but in the following
post on the garden junk forum are some pics of some.
Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dangly Things

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I don't think that was it ,evelyn. These were made from upside down wire baskets with a bunch of strands of doo dads & mirrors hanging down . I can drag mine out & Take a pic if you'd like.

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