TV above fireplace?

lizatgarNovember 8, 2012

My builder suggested hanging the TV above the fireplace. It is very practical solution, but I'm not sure if it will look good. Somehow I do think TVs are ugly and having it on the wall above there will destroy the beauty of the fireplace. I'd rather hang a pretty painting on the wall and hide the TV in an Armoire. But I'd like to hear from others. Do you like the look of TV above fireplace?

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search the forum - this has been discussed many times

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Installing a television above a fireplace is far from ideal. For an optimal viewing angle and comfort the television is ideally placed at eye level. So, unless you watch TV while standing on a step ladder, hanging it above the fireplace is best avoided. A better placement would use your eye level while seated on a comfy sofa as a determining guide.

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No to above FP placement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't need to hang it over the FP!

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If you don't like the idea, then you shouldn't do it in your house. I don't think it matters much what anyone else thinks.

FWIW, I agree with you that TVs aren't decorative.

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In certain rooms I like it. Makes maximum use of space and makes the room symmetric. For a more formal room I would want it hidden.

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I disagree with most on the forums and it all depends on the person and your needs. Most people on this forum dont like to hang TV's over the fireplace but we have ours there and love it. Its out of the way and with our open concept its easy to view from the kitchen as well. The 'eye level' theory to me is just that, a theory. Our TV in the bonus room is hung above above eye level as I didn't want the little ones finger prints all over my screen. We have no problem with the "so-called" neck strain of looking up and would do it again without hestitation. Just goes to show you have to do what works best for you.

You could always have an outlet & cat5/rg6 cable run above the fireplace and have another outlet in the room as well. That way you can mount the tv over the fireplace or if you see you don't like it there, you can go with your other outlet in the room.

Hope that helps!

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A house provides you with more than shelter, comfort, and security; it's the primary place where you interact with your family.

In the past a fireplace was a warm location where the family naturally gathered and that is still true although the fireplace has become more symbolic than functional.

In many homes the real gathering place for the family is in front of a large screen TV so how do you decide which element gets "pride of place" in your primary living space? Some will say put it the TV above the fireplace and others will say put it in a corner or others will say put it in another room so it doesn't distract from family interaction.

The same goes for a dining space. Many will want it to be open to the living space and/or the kitchen and others will want it separate to reduce distractions and encourage family interaction. Of course, the family will interact in any case but it's a matter of whether it is casual or more structured.

And then there are guests. Usually you will want to talk to them in your best space but other family members might want to watch TV in that space so you will probably need two TV spaces.

I design houses for clients so I try not to have an opinion about how they want to live but I often gently guide them toward spaces where family members can interact face to face. For me that is the most important function of a house.

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I like it separate. I have an armoire for our TV that I can close the doors when having guests or parties. But to each his own.

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Personally, I prefer the fireplace in the "away" room, not the family room, in order to create a cozier and more intimate setting where the focus is on conversation. A TV renders the room's occupants passive and no conversation takes place, or it does, it does so above the blare of football or a movie and is necessarily brief because of that.

Another solution to the issue is to have a separate TV room, like a den area that is away from the main family living area. Then the main family living area doesn't have a TV in it and it is the quieter space where the fireplace is a natural gathering spot.

The WRONG solution for most, (but they don't realize it until after it's done) is to try to combine a quiet space with a noisy space.

Sort your priorities. Figure out where and how you want your family to interact. And where you want the noise and the passive grunts as the popcorn is passed. Then design the home to create those spaces.

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While I agree a dedicated TV space would be nice as suggested by others, my tale for our family is we also like the 'noise'. Ours will be over our fireplace but elevated at an angle down. It's personal al preference. Our AV components will go in the coat closet.

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Bridget Helm

tvs over the fireplace seem like worshiped tvs to me. i'm not a fan of it, personally. however, you need to do what's right for your fam. we put our fireplace in the corner with builtin bookcase/entertainment center in the middle. the tv is centered in the built in in the center

heres a pic during costruction

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We have three TVs over fireplaces. Because they are built-in, I don't think they look bad. We also have tilt-down mechanisms that make them easier to watch. I like watching a fire and watching TV and I wanted to make my home practical. The TVs all have Apple TVs and when we have people over, we can put on a slideshow of pictures and play music through them if we want to.

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