Help me, clever ideas needed

janofmnApril 10, 2009

Hi, I am one of the millions of unemployed people out there and w/o benefits. I was trying to come up with some clever ideas for bikers jewelry. I am not a biker nor do I know any. I was hoping to sell online and make some money.

I was thinking along the lines of Harley and other motorcyles. How about earrings with a cyle on them or skulls? Any better ideas out there??

Thanks in advance!

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Jan, what made you think of Harley jewery??? there are several items you could make to sell, do not limit yourself to just one item... jewery is a hard item to sell and when you limit yourself to a special kind it is even harder.. there are just so many bikers out there... check out your local flea markets and see what is selling there.. and see if you can make the same item as they have and maybe even better.. also check around your house and see if there are items you can do without and sell them at your local flea market.. one person trash is another person treasure.. never know.. check on line to see if there is anything else you could make that you can make money on.. see what folks out there are making... I myself make several items to sell.. wreaths, bows, blankets, neck coolers, potato bags, etc.

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I'm not sure how the biking or jewelry business is doing these days. You might look at biker themed items like beaded sunglass chums.

My suggestion would be to make a line of quality items that fit needs or other usable items. Can you sew? You could make some really nice blankets or grocery bags. It's getting to be summer, but I would think scarves or hats would sell at certain times of the year. Hair ribbons for little girls seem to sell well in certain settings. Themed clothing for children might be another hit. You do have to be careful that you're not infringing on a copyright or trademark.

Good luck!

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Right now the jewelry business isn't all that good. I'm lacking business by 60% from last year. I don't do biker jewelry because it is so specialized. Harley is protected by copyright to the name so do not sell anything with Harley on it unless you have a legal agreement with HD. Law suits can cost you more than you make on a few pieces of jewelry.
IMHO I would suggest you try to make a business of something you do know. If you are not familiar with Biker's and what they wear other than what you see on the TV then you sure don't want to do a business according to that. Skulls and bikes are great for some but many of us who ride Harleys are not into the Bad Boy/Girl Image and skulls are just not our thing.


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