The price of styrofoam ! WOW !

toomuchglassApril 17, 2007

I was in JoAnn fabrics yesterday - trying to figure out what to use my 50% coupon on. I came across the stryofoam shapes ... I couldn't believe the prices ! I looked at an 8" ball ....... $11.99 !!!! WOW . I saw some crafts to use styrofoam with ... but I think I'll pass. What happened to the good old days when styro was considered a scrap craft ? LOL

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I hear you . . . that's why I was so desperate to find an alternative for my flower topiaries (post below). The 8" styro balls alone would've cost me over $300! . . . you're right: styro's no scrap anymore, LOL.

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Always check out Walmart prices on this stuff, it's probably a few bucks cheaper.


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If you have a Hobby Lobby near by their prices are much better than even Wal Mart.


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Wonder why the cost has gone up so much? I have looked at the balls at different times and thought I will not pay that price.
I had some old xmas balls with the gold thread and took the thread off and used them for different things ( I know its not thread just cant think what its called)

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Check the dumpsters out in back or ask about packing material (You're moving?) Maybe they'll give some to you. DS always asks if he sees a cart with packing or styrofoam in it. (try a furniture store they usually have big pieces.,

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The cost of oil has gone up so everything that involves oil to make or ship has gone up as well.
Anything and anyway to keep on jabbing us they do it.


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DD had to make a solar system model - holy cow!

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Here's a little secret I will share. Back when I lived up in PA..there was a foam fabricator in my hometown. His plant made all types of styrofoam orders for customers. I went up there and got all of my sheets (4'x8') for crafts, wedding arches, etc. If I needed anything special-he'd cut it for me. They have all thicknesses-1/2" to 4 or 6" thick! So, look in your yellow pages for foam fabricators, go visit one and make him your friend!! Can't hurt to ask-especially if you do alot of foam crafts.

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