Adults playing with kid's crafts

toomuchglassApril 17, 2007

I Went into a store today and bought some shrinky dink sheets for myself to play with ! LOL The young kids at the checkout sure gave me a look ! They were giving me hints on how to do it ...LOL...I could have said it was for my grandkids - but I said it was for me -- "To keep myself out of trouble" !!! I do stained glass which is sometimes so stressful - it's nice to be a kid again :) Have you ever "played with kids crafts" ? I even bought chalk about 5 years ago and

drew in my driveway !!! My DH says :

Some kids never grow up ~~~ *grin*

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sometimes I call my crafting playing, I have seen some big girl things made with the shrink plastic that is so nice, I helped my 5 year old gs make a volcano and couldnt wait to see it blow! I dont know who was more excited, does that count? I say what ever works for you.
Happy Crafting
ps would love to see some photos of your stained glass.

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I've heard it said that we are never too old to enjoy our childhood. Have fun! Carol

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You can make nice ID's for your pets using Shrink-its!!

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I still have younger kids so we do a lot of kids crafts. Our other biggie is science experiments. I have to admit that the kids look forward to that part a little more than I do. On the bright side, at least you don't have to hide your materials.

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I love shrinky dinks! I make water bottle/soda can tags out of them.
Before shrinking, punch out a hole using paper puncher. When done add a swivel type fishing connector (jump ring at one end and clasp thing at the other) to a hair band.

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I've never used them - they seem fascinating .... LOL
I think my first project is going to be plant pokes . Cute bugs ... butterflies ... maybe even fairies ! I'm definatley making pet tags too ... "silent" ones !!

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I teach preschool so I play with kid's craft stuff all the time :)

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I like using the compressed foam felt only stiffer...never did shrinky dinks. deb

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