Exterior lighting...auto on and off

landngarageNovember 6, 2012

I will have a dozen out door lights... nine of which I want to come on automatically at night (or at 6:30PM set time). I'd like a few to go off at around 11PM.... and a few to burn all night. What's a reasonably cost effective way to do this?

BTW ... A small day/night sensing device that went in between the bulb and the socket at a different house didn't last very long....Thanks for the help in advance.

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The sort of light with a dedicated light sensor lasts a lot longer than one of those bulb adaptor things.

The others? Put them on a circuit with a timer.

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Yes, wire exterior lights on a combined circuit with an adjustable mechanical or electronic timer. Good luck!

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Thank you both!

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See the link. I have used these tpes of timers for year to run outdoor lights. Easy to remove the switch and replace with the timer ... I've changed them out myself (a woman!).

Here is a link that might be useful: wired timers

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Thank you Chispa!

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Chispa, I like those. Can you install them into a regular decora style faceplate? (I have 1 switch in a 3 switch wall box that I'd like to do that with. I'd need it to be able to fit in the usual 3 switch cover plate).

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Yep, fits perfectly in a rectangular decora hole. I have older toggle switches and I was able to order any combination of switch plates online. I used a 2+2, 2 toggle plus 2 decora cut-outs for timers. I did have to shuffle some of the switches around to put the ones that needed timers together, but it is a quick/easy thing to do. I'm no electrician! I was taught by my Dad how to change switches and chandeliers ... always switch off power before playing with electricity!

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