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jsc081March 8, 2005

i'm a student and my frustration of research gone wrong goes into stitches!!

i'm currently working on a britsh house - my biggest project so far (14" X 18") in addition because i need to change scene from time to time i am working of the winter fairy a small little fairly standing on hollies

my prob is i've never done anything for myself i always give them away as presents

how about you

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I'm working on teo projects myself too, one is the Spring Faerie by Teresa Wentzler and the other is My Favourite Bears by Sunset. The Faerie is for myself and the bears are for my son.


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I just started cross stitching two weeks ago. I'm working on a Thanksgiving sampler.

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good luck silverdove and happy stitching - if you have any questions just post them here and we see how we can help

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Thanks, jsc.

My main problem is not to go cross eyed while trying to keep track of little tiny squares in the pattern!

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easy - enlarge the pattern - it is not infringing copyright to copy and enlarge a pattern provided that you hold a copy of the original and since u make a copy you can cross out what you've stitched already

i have a metal board and magnetic rulers and i move the rulers according to what i have worked already - i got it from dmc

when the pattern is big and i worked a good part of it i cut it out not to see it again :)

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Actually, it's hoops. Some I keep for myself, some I give away and then do another for myself (I never throw an original chart away). It always seems the second time is much easier and faster to do.

I do the same thing as jsc081 to keep my place. There are several brands of magnetic boards and rulers at your disposal.

Not only is sewing a good way to vent frustration and clear one's mind, you also have something to show for your time and effort.

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I'm stitching a G&P 'A Marine in Dress Blues",and for this one i'm using q snaps.This is the 2nd time i stitched this one,a first for me,as i don't usually stitch things twice.I keep a lot of what i make for me,but also give some as gifts.Stitching keeps me sane!!

Glad to see postings here,i check here all the time but most of the time the posts are old.Lets keep this site active,whaddaya say.

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Kathi - glad for your comment and i am trying to keep it going - so tell us what "q snaps" are i am pretty new so i never heard about them

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Q snaps are these plastic tubes that you place your fabric on and they have these other plastic pieces that snap over them,to keep your fabric tight.They can be used in place of a hoop and leave no marks.
Go over to www.123stitch.com click on necessities,then on q-snaps and you'll see a picture.They come in different sizes so you can mix and match them.

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Q snaps are the greatest thing ever invented, I don't need the dozens of other hoops and frames for all the different sizes of projects. And thanks for asking, I just finished a dolphine coming up out of the water, and am currently working on 2 loons on a lake, unfortunately both wedding presents. There is hope though I did keep one project for myself last year, and intend to keep 2 this year, that is if my friends children quit getting married!

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Right now I have a few projects on the go... I'm making my brother's boys Christmas stockings from the series that was in Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. I made one of the designs for my daughter and one for my son. I am also making a hummel picture of a boy and girl under an umbrella. I think I might keep this one.

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have u got many hummel patterns where do u get them?i find it so hard to find them

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I'm working on a pattern of a barrel racer for my Mom's birthday. It's from a pattern book called Sporting Horses and the designs are by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath. The stitch count is 73H by 105W and I think it has 43 or 47 colors of floss. So far this is the largest and most difficult pattern I have stitched but I love it and I know my Mom will too.
Happy Stitching!

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I am doing my usual for a 'first time doing this type of craft'......
a ten santa xmas tree skirt from dimensions.
I started this 3 years ago!!!
I also garden heavy and quilt - one of those gals with loads of multiple projects.
I am now working on Santa #4.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

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