Where can I buy Decals ? ( for glass )

toomuchglassApril 2, 2010

I'm getting cross-eyed from searching the internet for decals that I can use on glass. Most everything I see are stickers --- or decals that need to be baked in a kiln.

I got the bright idea of decorating some of the glass in my windchimes with flowers, birds - whatever -- using decals. ( with a good coat of lacquer on it at the end )

Any ideas ?

Going back down memory lane .... when I was young , my mom and I used to walk to the dimestore . They had all sorts of pretty decals of flowers , kitchen stuff , animals , etc. We'd spend alot of time trying to pick out the perfect ones to put on the kitchen cupboards or wherever.

Guess those days are long gone ! Now all I see are stickers and rub ons.

Thanks for any help you can give me !

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Are the decals you are talking about are the ones where you get them wet? They sell temporary tattoos that might be the same thing.

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Yes -- You get them wet and they slide right off onto the surface .

**I might try & buy a temporary tattoo ( never thought of it ! ) and test it . It won't cost much to try it ! Thanks Adellabedella!

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We used to have a hardware store that sold some. Lot of people wanted them to decorate baby's room,end of crib, like a big bear or butterflies or angel/cherubs. Dime stores had them, could see if Michael's or Joanne's has them.We have a cake decorating store that used to be more craft stuff that had an odd assortment of items if you have a place like that. I think I even used 1 on mailbox long ago with flowers on it. I painted over 1 of big teddy bear when room was DD's nursery & you can still see outline,I should have used the remover & didn't! I keep all my craft stuff in there now. Jan

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You can make your own decals. All you need is your computer and a printer.

There are decal paper companies who sell you what you need. Below is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Decal Papers

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That's really cool christopherh. It was hard to resist ordering some but my new rule is to use what I've got first! I suspect that the laser ones are more likely to hold their color in outdoor uses - just like you can laser print onto clear labels and use for garden markers, but I don't know for sure.
Toomuch I got some butterfly waterslip decals on ebay a few years ago. I'll look for them and if I find them I'll send you some. yet another thing I never got around to using!

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The only decals that will stand up to outdoor use are the ones that are fired in a kiln.

All others will fade in the sunlight. Especially ones made on an inkjet printer. All inkjet inks fade in the sun.

I made house numbers for years with decals on tiles. I speak from experience. Only fired decals will last.

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I did find a place online to find exactly what I was looking for. They are "cold" decals - but you can fire them on low temp for durability. With firing and laquer , they should last okay.( for my use )

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I have seen some on Ebay under crafts.

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here are some I found. Also try auto parts stores, people use them for their cars

Here is a link that might be useful: decals for glass

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A friend of mine make decals, but not in the pretty colors. They are products that meet the Pride of Dakota certification. They are blue and white and will make anything you want and stick on anything forever. If interested I will find out more.

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too much, Could you post the site for what you decided on? I'm wondering if it might work for a project I'm working on.

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Sure -- this is the place ;;;;

Here is a link that might be useful: decal website

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I found birds and flower decals at Wal mart... and I put them on birdhouse gourds and put a coat of lacaquer on the gourd and they lasted a long long time.. years infact.. and the bird house was out in the weather all year round..so you might try there.. they are peel and sitck ones an they come in all kinds of items.. ivy, flowers , butterflys, birds.. etc.

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