Table decorating ideas with bandanas

nhsuzanneApril 7, 2008

I am hosting a large bbq this summer and am looking for some cute and clever ideas on how to use bandannas to decorate the 60" round tables. I plan on having white linen table clothes and have thought of making a runner for each table.

Anyone out there have some cleaver ideas?

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Nhsuzanne, I'm sure some of these talented ladies will have some great ideas for you.

My first thought was that you could just use a bandana in the middle of each table. But I really think a square of checked fabric on top of the table and then using the bandanas for napkins would be cute too. You could tie them with a jute or raffia bow even.

I'd like to also invite you to come on over to the Holiday forum and post your question. That group is really into doing tablesettings and accessorizing and would love to help too, I'm sure.


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Is there a theme in addition to the bandanas?

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Thanks for your posts.

Luvs, I will post at the Holiday Forum as well. I can use all the great ideas I can get!

Adellabedella, there is no theme per se. It is a rehearsal dinner. My son wanted to invite so many people we thought a bbq would be just the thing. I have a pit master coming to do authentic southern bbq - smoking. It's outdoors in our backyard and we live on a small farm.

I have made small jars of rib rub as favors with nice labels and a hang tag that has the bride and grooms name and date.

I am open to all kinds of ideas.


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Might be cool to get the tiny terra cotta pots & tie a knotted bandana around each of them-adding a piece of styrofoam inside & silk or fresh daisies. You can use the bigger pots as well & simply take a bandana & soak it in liquid fabric starch then cover the pot with the fabric. Let dry overnight & trim the edges to suit you & perhaps glue a piece of cording on the top rim and around the bottom of the pot. # pots per table-of graduated sizes & filled w/flowers of your choice...cute! I also like them used as napkins-you could use rope (tied lasso style) as the napkin rings. I'd even probably get a child's size straw cowboy hat to put in the center & place the pots around the brim.
Maybe cut pockets from old jeans (YARD SALES!) and using fabric paint-put your new last name's initial on the pocket, then add your packets of seasonings/rubs inside the pocket.Ooops-I see the rubs are in jars...hmm..well buy denim yardage & cut pieces big enough to gather the material up around the jars & tie off w/roping-making them pouches instead of the pockets.

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