Balloon in a box gift

deedeebakerApril 25, 2009

Has anyone ever sent one? If so, what type of box did you use and for what occasion? I would like to try this because I think it would be fun. Just looking for something different. I'm thinking I could attach the balloon to a gift of some kind. I would like to hear from anyone who has done this. Thanks!!!

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Did you ever get an answer to your question?

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grandma bonnie - No I did not get any answers. But I made the gift I wanted to send & went and purchased a balloon to see what size box I would need. I'm just not real sure about how to package it so it won't fly around in the box.I'm thinking maybe I could go to a UPS store and they could probably help me. Plus I'm having a hard time finding small size shrink wrap bags which I need for the gift.

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I'm not sure what shrink wrap bags are.

Depending on how small of a bag you need, Wal-Mart has clear party bags in their party section. Would that work?

Or as an alternative, what about making your own bags with baggies and a foodsaver? I found I could make my own packaging useing the cheap Wal-Mart baggies without the label. I put whatever I wanted in the baggie and then cut off the top zipper part. I sealed it where I wanted the seam. If I wanted the sides to be smaller, I cut the side seams and resealed to where I wanted.

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A shrink wrap bag is a bag that you heat with a hair dryer to shrink the plastic around the item to hold everything in place. You have probably seen them on gift baskets. The gift that I'm shipping has candy in it so the shrink wrap will hold it in place. Wrapping it in a party bag wouldn't be secure enough.

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