looking for a linen/fabric choice

jerseyearthFebruary 22, 2008

hi all, from the Jersey Shore..

I love to stitch.. but, stitching on linen is so slow and time heavy for me, that i'm looking for a fabric that is as easy to stitch on that looks like primitive linen, but is easy to do as a 16 count aida...i love the raw look of linen.. don't like the big ol holes in aida.. want a good compromise.

Any help from the experts out here would be much appreciated.. thanks... Pat

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Have you tried Fiddler's cloth?

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If you go to the Wichelt Imports product website: www.wichelt.com/whsaleinfo.html you can click on Fabrics - Evenweave. That will take you to a page where you can select a fabric product from the list, then select the count you're looking for. It will come up with a page that tells you the style, color, fabric content, width of the fabric, etc. It also has a teeny tiny swatch of the fabric. But, if you click on that swatch, a window will open with a larger view of the same fabric swatch. You'll have a general idea of whether or not you like the fabric color or size. Different linens come in different sizes. For instance the linen called Cashel comes in 28 count. That's if you stitch over one thread of the linen. If you stitch over two threads of the linen the count is 14.

You may just be looking for an evenweave fabric that is not linen. I'm sure you've noticed that the threads that linen is made from vary in size. Most of the time the threads are uniform in size, but as you work on it you come across some threads that are thicker and some that are thinner. Linen is an evenweave, but there are other fabrics like Jobelan that are also evenweaves, but their threads are uniform in size (mostly because of what the threads are made of) and therefore, easier to see.

One more thing about the Wichelt site. They are exclusively a wholesaler, so you cannot order directly from them. However, you can use the tools on their site to narrow down your choices and check with you local shop for fabric choices or order your choice from one of the online shops.

If you're looking for rustic, you may want to narrow down your fabric search through the Wichelt site and then go to Lakeside Linens or R&R Reproductions for a hand dyed look in the same fabric. Good Luck.

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