Potato bags

thelmaleeApril 7, 2010

Grandme Bonnie, could you please post the directions for the potato bags and the material needed again. I would like to make some for myself and my daughters. There was a woman selling them last weekend at a small craft show for $12.00 and sold about 40. I would like to make my own!

Thanks in advance.


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I found this one if your interested. Looks like something I might like to make also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potato bag

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I use cotton fabric and batting. Here is the pictorial tutorial I have at my webshot album - I sell mine for $7 - up from $6 last year... I probably sell 2,00 - 2,500 a year and am still selling them - heck, I just sent 6 to England last week. lol

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I have made several. I've never used a pattern...I just sewed a bag. I've adjusted the size...I found the first ones not to be big enough for what I wanted.

I'm on my third one. I've worn out the other two.

In a pinch I've use an old quilted type place mat and just folded it over the potatoes. That works the same.

Sure makes a better microwave baked potatoe.


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Dumb question...

Why does one need a potoato bag? Why are the microwave potatoes better when made in this bag?


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Pattico - I weould be nervous about using place mats in the microwave - the batting inside them is usually polyester asnd may catch on fire. I have only used cotton batting in my bags.
Dawnp - the reason the potatoes are better is that the cotton batting absorbs the moisture from the potatoes so that they are dryer - which is like a potato cooked in the oven. It is fluffier because it is dryer, if that makes sense.

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I bought a few at a church sale after seeing posts here about them. One each for my mother, dd, and myself. Mom's caught fire even tho it said all cotton. DD and I have not had any problems.
It sure makes a delicious "baked" potato, very quickly. I'm thinking maybe my mom put it in for too long. She has a new fancy microwave, and its possible she hasn't learned just how to use it yet. I have almost the cheapest microwave from K-mart, and DD has my former cheapest one from K-mart. Mine has a pre programed potato function and I use that.
I think I'll try to make one for mom that I know is all cotton. Thank you for sharing the instructions again, grandmabonnie.

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Kathy here are some recipes to try with your bags... I have one gal who said her mom overcooked a potato and scortched her bag so I know it happens...
Hoping this works... It's sup[posed to imbed the picture... If not the link is to the album to give the recipes...

Here is a link that might be useful: Potato Bag Recipes

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