E-LUX Convection Roast - anyone used this?

CavimumDecember 19, 2012

Convection feature on an oven is new to us. We're pondering whether to use it for the rib roast on Xmas dinner, or just go with tried and true regular Bake feature.

Have anyone used Convection Roast w/probe for something other than 'perfect turkey'? How did it turn out?

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Cavimum - I think we must have twin kitchens. I have Elux wall oven as well as Thermador induction. I've used Convection Roast for roasting chicken, turkey and pork. It uses a heating element in the roof of the oven to make the roast beautifully brown on top. For poultry it works very well to produce crisp skin. I've never tried it with rib roast, but I can't see that it would do anything wrong. I think it roasts more quickly with Convection Roast than Convection bake.

Keep an eye on the temperature with the probe. Have you used this yet? It will give you the internal temperature of whatever you're cooking. I'm a big fan of thermometers as a cooking aid, and the Elux probe seems to be as accurate as my thermopen.

I've never used the "perfect turkey" mode. It cooks the turkey to some temperature (I think 160F or 180F) which is too dry for me.


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Thanks @jadeite. I haven't used the probe yet, and figured if this other Elux oven owners have used it successfully, I could try it and ought to have a roast done perfectly, instead of over/underdone. I'm still learning my way around the convection feature.

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I have the Elux ovens and I've pretty much just subsituted "covection bake" at the same temp for everything and it seems to work fine. Note I don't make a lot of sweets though. Mostly bread and veggies and casseroles.

I used the probe and convection roast for a few roast chickens and they've come out great. Also used the same on a pork loin roast that was tasty too. The chickens were superior to ones I made in my old non-convection gas oven. I haven't tried beef roast but will probably use convection roast on my turkey this Christmas.

I've also used the keep warm and bread proof modes and they work well too.

I have not tried broiling or the slow cook modes though.

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cottonpenny - Elux has a "convection convert" option which lowers the temperature if you're baking with convection by 25 degrees. I do this routinely for baking cakes, cookies and breads.

cavimum - try using the probe. It works like a charm. You will have to look up the appropriate temperature for your roast - this depends on how rare you like it - then set this temperature for the probe. It will let you know when the internal temperature is what you want. It really is foolproof.


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At least with the E'lux induction range, the Perfect Turkey setting's default temperature of 180 degrees (!) can be changed easily. After selecting perfect turkey, you'll see the default temperature. To change that, just press probe and then type in the temp you want. You'll have to do this every time, of course. And, if you select a temp under 170, then the oven will turn off when its done. [For temps of 170 or more, it maintains that when its finished.]

I assume this can also be set with E'lux's ovens and not just the induction range, but I don't know for sure.

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chac_mool - DH and I had a laugh at the "perfect turkey" option. I normally brine and smoke our turkeys, and only use the oven to finish and brown it. That's my idea of perfect. I want Elux to send a slave to do this for me when I press "perfect turkey".

180F is sawdust, not turkey! I use the probe anyway. I think I can set the probe so the oven will turn off, or hold, when it reaches the set temperature. I vaguely recall doing this once. Over T'giving I just pulled the turkey out once it was done. I still haven't learned all the tricks the oven can perform.


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Thank you, everyone. We will definitely use the probe and the Convection Roast feature. The temp of the meat itself, before it goes into the oven, makes the cooking time vary. I'm tired of never really knowing if it will be 'rare' or closer to 'well done.' This will be a fun experiment.

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Please let us know how it came out, whether it was:

"Ashes to Ashes"


If it "Mooooed" at ya"


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Just a note, I've found the conv roast to be useful for non meat items too. For instance, I often "roast" french fries (delicacy in my house!) which gives them a crispy outside as opposed to baking them.

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@dodge59 - LOL

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I love "convection roast". In addition to the above, I use it for any hot dish like mac and cheese that I want to brown. I may switch to bake if it starts to brown too much. My neighbor showed me her new kitchen and said she hates convection because it browns everything. Go figure.

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