TV over microwave?

pbx2_gwNovember 20, 2012

We are thinking of building kitchen cabinets to support a microwave (Miele Speedoven) with a cubby above the microwave able to hang a 24" LED monitor recessed a couple of inches back to deal with rising steam.

Imagine a double wall oven cabinetry but with the above oven being a TV.


1) Should we worry about rising steam even if the TV hangs back a couple of inches recessed?

Something like this wall of appliances but not that many! ; Or this setup.

2) Should we put a door in front of the TV to close off if we use the microwave - would be cumbersome to have to open &* close this everytime we use the speedoven.

Something like this

Any comments would be appreciated.

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This is the oven cabinet in my present house. The tv sits back a little in that top cabinet. The oven below it is a combi (steam) oven. I always condense the steam before I open the door, but some steam still escapes. The oven below is an advantium (microwave) and gets less use. The steam oven is used constantly.

The tv is fine.

The house is 7 yrs old.

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Thanks Red_Lover for the confirm & example.

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