Altered Clipboards

shysueApril 14, 2008

My friend and I made altered clipboards for our secret pals for Mother's Day.

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Cute clipboards. There is a site called "" that also has these if you'd like to see other ideas.


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I bet your secret pals will love them. Cool!

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Sue, these are really nice. Wish I had thought about that when I was working and couldn't keep up with my clipboards. Great Job.

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, how cute! This just gave me a great idea for our friends whose beach house we visit every summer for 2 weeks. Last year we did a pirate theme/treasure hunt and I needed something for this year. I think I'll make them a clipboard so they can display photos from our vacations together at their beach.

Maybe we'll even make this our "vacation craft" and we can each do one!

Thanks for the great idea, ShySue! And my mother would love that first one you did- she used to work for a company in Canada that shipped patterns. She even shipped patterns by Anne Adams, Marion Martin, etc and her name was Anne Adams! lol No relation... darn.

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Love it! been on my to do list for along time, beautiful crafting! you always do such a great job on all your craft!

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Ohh Like how these turned out They are great!! I did one for a swap a long time ago

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Pretty fancy. I like the idea of decorating these and have never seen any before. Thanks for posting. Love new ideas.

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Those are great. I think I'll see if I can make one for my daughter's teacher for end of the year gift.

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