Anyone use Fox Hollow Gray roof shingles?

coast2November 26, 2007

In the Northeast where we live, most houses have dark roofs. We're considering using a light gray color from GAF called Fox Hollow Gray (in the Timberline series) and painting the house a very light gray (even lighter than the roof).

We're wondering whether this shingle color might appear so light as to be almost white--a look we don't want. So if anyone has used this color, what are your observations? Once installed does it look gray? White? Off white? Lighter or darker than you expected? Classy? Boring?

Photos appreciated, of course! Thanks to all.

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looks like no one has used them, sorry

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Roofing is tough because the samples you see at a supplier or from a roofing contractor often times will look different once applied to your build. The samples themselves are from a different lot than what is supplied and can have variations. If you, and im sure you've already been looking, drive around various neighborhoods, you might see a combination you like similar to what you want on your build. Might not be the same brand or shingle type, but ask for sample packs from your supplier and take them along with you and see if you can come close that way.

Here in the desert there are a lot of greys in shingled roofs with the theory that it reflects better than dark keeping the attics cooler. My experience roofing is that once the heat is transfered into the shingle themselves, color has little to do with it. Anyhow, i've never seen any grey tone that appear white but lighter colors appear when the shingle is more monotone, ( the same color granules throughout), compared to shingles that have various colored granules around the edging ,(usually darker highlights), around the perimeter of the tabs. The timberline series that you speak of generally have these highlights as they are a dimensional shingle and heightens the effect. You might also check out elk roofing similar to the timberline gaf for other grey options.

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Did you end up installing the Fox Hollow Gray roof? I am also considering this color and I have the same concerns that you had.

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Any reports on Fox Hollow Gray? I'm considering it as a way to keep my cape cooler in the summer but am worried it looks too light.

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