Glue for Attaching Bullion Fringe

mustangs81April 1, 2007

I need a recommendation for the type and/or brand of glue that I should use to attach 9" bullion fringe to this (unattractive) sofa. I am going to take off the skirt and it has been recommended to glue the fringe on.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I used to glue stuff like that at my last job. We made the pool table pockets with the fringe - we used rubber cement. Hope that helps !

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dont know about the glue but would love to see a photo when you are done, I have a love seat sorta like yours and had always wondered if I could take the skirt off, and somehow make it look nice.
Happy Crafting

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Thanks Toomuch. Is rubber cement easy to apply? I saw some stuff in Hancock's that was in a squirt bottle. There was no one to ask for assistance about the strength of the product but it looked like it would be easy to apply in a straight line.

Oddie, I'll post when I get it done. Because it's so expensive, I have been hesitant to order the fringe until I have all the bases covered.

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When I glue fabric, I use Fabri-Tac made by Beacon. You can get it a Michaels. It's a permanent adhesive and works great!!

Good Luck with your project!


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Thanks Grimmy! I'll get some.

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