Hosting an Open House??

mollieannApril 8, 2010

I would like some input on hosting a crafts/gifts/garden art open house. I don't want the ad to sound like a garage sale. Has anyone ever done this? What is the best way to go about it? All input is GREATLY appreciated! Happy Spring!

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I had a friend who used to do it for Christmas. She sent out a postcard to everyone she knew and had all of the other people participating do the same thing. This was also an opportunity for all those home sales people who sell Mary Kay, Longaberger, Creative Memories or whatever to sell their stuff too. It gave more variety to the products and got more people in. If someone was selling Mary Kay then the AVON people weren't invited so there wasn't direct competition. My friend's stated reason for the open house was to give people one stop shopping for Christmas. I think it would help if you could come up with one main idea of what you want to accomplish and base your invitation on that. You could then alphabetically list all the participants without looking like a garage sale ad.

I would Google terms like "Holiday Open House" or "Christmas Open House" to get some more ideas.

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Back in the craft days...we used to have one once a year.

When we were in the process of turning this barn into a home we had one out here.
I think people flocked here to see what we were doing with the barn...but we sure had a lot of sales.

We always served cookies and something hot to drink.(we always had them in the winter)

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Spring Garden Art & Gift Boutique!! If things are handcrafted or you have something really unique, "Garden Angels" or whatever mention that. Most I've been to serve cookies & hot or cold tea, best if that part can be outside or in garage unless OK to walk through your house. Is this a company and you are having a party for it, like Tupperware except crafts, gifts & garden art? Don't make ad sound like it is homemade items if it is a company or you might get some angry people. I went to indoor yard sale & once I got inside the house(not 1 thing used) I realized I was in a store basically, several different companies, 1 selling scone mix,(did get a tiny 1 scone with cup of tea)flavored teas, stationary, & some kind of figurines.I bought some thank you notes but was still ticked off that I was tricked. That's why I don't go to boutiques any more & they have nearly died out around here. Used to be lots of them with all homemade things. Most women work now ,too.

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