DMC and Anchor conversions

Nixie13February 9, 2005

I was wondering if someone could tell me where to find a site that has DMC to Anchor (or visa versa) conversions, I used to have a paper one that was free in the store but its gotten used and beaten up a few too many times. The DMC site is really of no use before someone tries to tell me that one, unless you know something I don't know, they have the number and the colour that they named it but each company names them slightly differently, one could be tangerine and the other orange. OK enough of my rambling if someone could help me that would be great.


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Just something else if people wouldn't mind helping me out with, if any one has heard of WRC (White Rose Colours) and has a conversion chart, this was a floss that was made by/coloured by White Rose the craft store, it closed down here in London Ontario but I don't know if there are anymore out there. I have a lot of floss let over from there but I can't really use it unless I make my own patterns and fit them in for my own colours. Thanks


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You go by the numbers and not the names when converting. If you print the chart out at the DMC site (reminds me, have to print out their charts, lost my copies) and use the numbers, you will have no difficulty. You were on the right track to start and somehow got sidelined with names.

Floss colors are like paint chip samples, the numbers remain the same, the formula remains the same, and the companies change the color names to suit their marketing whims. When I went to get more paint of the same color, the company had changed the way they displayed the colors and changed the names....that did not deter me because I kept the paper paint chip with the number on it and got the color I wanted. The same goes with floss colors...go by the number and not the name because every company has a different name for the same shade.

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I realize I have to go by the numbers when converting, I just need to know a site that has a copy of the conversions, I can't seem to find one. I need to get a DMC number colour for #860 Anchor and if I can find a conversion chart for WRC floss that would be great cause I have tons of that kicking around from before they closed down.


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Here is a website that converts Anchor to DMC. Hope this is what your looking for.

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You need #522 in DMC floss. This is part of a series that goes light or dark on either side of the number so you may want to use a blended thread to get the effect you want.

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