Needlepoint questions

calicokittyFebruary 21, 2006

I'm venturing out from cross stitch and plastic canvas and want to try needlepoint. I have a 10 count printed canvas.

Can I work the design with embroidery floss instead of tapestry yarn?

Does needlepoint have to be worked in a hoop or a frame of some sort?

Thanks to anyone who can share some advice to get me started.

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Calico, you don't have to use a hoop or frame. I think a hoop might distort the fabric, but a frame could be helpful if you have one, though not necessary! The last needlepoint I did I just rolled the canvas up to where I was working on it.

As far as thread, try a small section with the floss and see if you like the coverage. Mine was a kit that came with the yarn, but if you have floss on hand you might as well try it.

Do you have instructions for doing the stitches? Even though they slant like a 1/2 cross stitch, they are worked differently so that you get fuller coverage and less distortion of the canvas. It's been a while since I did mine, but I think the basic stitch is called tent stitch.

Have fun!

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Needlepoint is what I love to do. If you want to work with floss you might want to use 12 or 14ct for better coverage. I only use tapestry yarn even though I have to order it on line since no one seems to carry it any more. I've worked with and without a frame and prefer a frame since then you can work with both hands one on top and one underneith. Right now my right arm is wrapped in an ace bandage = Just finished 3 xstitch projects and I think I strained something good luck on your project

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Thanks for your answers and advice. I guess I'll have to experiment a bit and see what works.
I can't find tapestry yarn locally and my canvas does not list color numbers. It has only color patches down the side, so that makes it pretty well impossible to match and order online.
I'm not giving up on this canvas, but will probably shop for kits in future. CK

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I'm getting ready to needlepoint "Harmony" from the book "Beautiful Bargello." However you have to change yarn every 3-4 stitches. How can I handle this? Is there any easy way that I'm overlooking? If I have to stop every 3-4 stitches this canvas will take forever. Thanks for the help, Marj

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