faux mosiacs table

oddieApril 16, 2007

wanted to share with you something I have been working on, had saved this paper bag for years and desided I wanted to try doing a faux mosiacs with it, bag was kinda aged but thought it made it look old, i used three coats of clear lacquer on the top, the grout lines got out of line and i thought oh well looks more natural, bottom was done with the white glue crackle, under color is white kinda hard to see in the photo, was a pretty day so desided to take the picture out side, havent gotton to my yard work so please excuse.

Happy Crafting


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Wow, that's real nice Oddie. Did you literally cut up all the little squares and then glue them down and grout it? What a great job you did. And, the yard looks fine, I wish our flowers were up that much already.


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I love it! There is a book I borrowed from our library that is called paper mosiacs.....and has tons more ideas to make things using paper. Some really, really cute and easy ideas!

I am jealous too..........your phlox is gorgeous. Maybe ours will bloom in the next week or two!

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Thanks sal! I painted the table top frist and glued each square, the paint color was the grout lines, table frame and legs were painted white frist , was to stark so did the white glue and used the same color as the grout to go over the table with, I keep thinking maybe I should have used a different color.
Happy Crafting

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No, I think using the white paint for the grout lines looks just fine. I think another color might have washed out the beauty of the florals. Again, excellent job.


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Thanks agine! your opinions do count, when it comes to colors I never feel quite sure.
Iowajewel thank you! dont know how I missed your post, can you share some ideas in the book you have? would love hearing about any ideas you have, I have a large end table that the top is ruined and want to do something on it.
Happy Crafting

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That is very cool!! ~Anj

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Not to hijack your thread, but here's another fake mosaic idea. I love the look of tile murals but the cost was way out of my budget. Using a ruler, a poster and some gray craft paint, I made my own:

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Wow dian57 what a beautiful job you have done! what did you use to seal it with? I will have to keep my eyes out now for posters I have a end table I would like to do.
Thanks for shareing

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Plain old water-based polyurethane--4 coats.

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Dian, that turned out great too. Isn't it great what we can come up with if we just set our minds to it? Did you apply it over existing tiles, or on a board of some kind that you attached there?

I can see where this type of mosaic could be used for lots of things, small jewelry boxes, wooden trays, maybe even a mailbox! Good way to reuse some of those pretty bags we all get presents in that are just too pretty to throw away. And it would be easy to follow the "theme" of a room too.

Great ideas ladies.


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I removed the existing wallpaper on the area and applied it directly to the wall. If I were renting or planning on changing it in the future I would have applied it to a piece of luan. Start to finish it took about 4 hours but it's given me years of pleasure.

My sister's favorite painting is Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I'm thinking about using that and doing a "mosaic" table like Oddie's as a gift for her.

Ah, the possibilities.

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