Bringing the outdoors IN?

southerngardenchickApril 25, 2009

Hello people! I'm a newbie crafter trying to find projects that coincides with my new love, GARDENING! I'd really love every room in my house to have decor and crafts with a garden theme! I have VERY BASIC crocheting skills, and my husband studied art in college (so he could paint whatever I asked him too... LOL!) I'm not scared to try any kind of crafting project!

One thing I'm going to do is take a leaf off of each plant I grow this summer and do a rubbing (with the help of my three year old), and frame them.

Any other ideas, websites to look at, or whatever?

I know I could google this, but would rather get first hand advice on this. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!


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Hi Beth, I love the gardening look myself. Always wanted to do a room in it, but never did. One thing that I always liked was they took a bird bath and put a glass top on the bowl of it. You could fill the base with gardening things or you could put sand in it and had shells for a more summery look. I saw where they took the round handles from outside water faucets and used them for door pulls. Old metal rakes without the handles makes a great peg hook. Start a collection of flower "frog". The kind you put in vases to hold the flowers up. A old wheelbarrow or a old wagon with a glass top would make a great coffee table. Of course you gotta have a potting table. I've been wanting to make one from a old door. I just made up some little gardening jars. I saw them on the cover of Country Sampler. I'll attach the pics.
I'll have to get some of my old gardening magazines out and look at them again. I'll try and think of some more things and get some sites for you.

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OH how cute! I've got jars... that'll be an easy project for me to get started on. Lots of great ideas! The wheelbarrow coffee table sounds like my kind of thing too! All my decor is basically repurposed items anyway... :).

Thank you for the thoughts! If you have any more, lay 'em on me!


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Google "tree branch decorations". There are a ton of ideas that you could use for wall art, centerpieces, and other things.

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