Dollar store lotion recipe help, please

cindytxApril 19, 2007

Hi ! I saw the post about this lotion a while back and would like to try it, but I'm not sure about which sizes to use and feel kinda silly for not be able to figure it out. Found Vaseline in 3 sizes and baby lotion is approx. 9oz, 13oz and 20 something oz sizes. I'm guessing I just use sizes relative to each other ? Would appreciate any help ya'll can send me - thanks !!


Hand Cream

1 jar petroleum jelly

1 bottle baby lotion

1 jar Vitamin E cream

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I think Oddie is the expert on this. Hopefully she will see this post and respond. Luvs

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Hi, I did see your post been looking throu my empty bottles trying to figure out what size I have used, when this started years ago I beleive they only sold one size so it was simple, I would do as you said size relative to each other, just make sure you get the vitamin e cream and not lotion, also when my dil tried it, it set her hands on fire, seems she has some type of reaction to petroleum jelly that I didnt know about.
in the summer I like to use the sunless taning lotion and have to use lotion frist, so I mixed some with the lotion makes it alot eaiser to apply.
Happy Crafting

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Thank you Luvs and Oddie - been dealing with shoulder surgery, so I apoligize for the slow response. Wal-mart had the vitamin E cream packaged buy 1-get 2 a few weeks ago...Fruit of the Earth brand, I think, so I bought it. Now I just need to decide on the other sizes and give this a go - sure hope it helps soothe my sensitive skin.
My daughter told me about this lotion, too. She says a co-worker makes it and she has tried it and loves it.
So, you gals are great and I appreciate the help !

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Gosh, Oddie, you just never know what someone will get a reaction to. I'm glady Cindy brought this post back up because I had planned to make some too and hadn't shopped for the ingredients. Thought it would be great for my hands--they need some help! ;o) Luvs

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