Question About Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer and Heat

sameboatApril 27, 2014

I made these coasters/ trivets, and before I add cork to the bottom, I'd like to seal them with a gloss finish to protect the design.

If I use Aleene's Spray Gloss Acrylic Sealer, do you think it would withstand the heat if used as a trivet? I bought a can but haven't used it yet. The can doesn't mention not to expose the final product to heat.

I've tried using Mod Podge, but it feels like it doesn't fully cure and glasses stick to it. Not a good solution for a coaster! You raise your glass and the coaster is stuck to the bottom!

Thanks for any input.

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Those are beautiful!

Rustoleum makes an outdoor heat resistant sealer that I think I've heard of people using.

I would not use Aleneens. Mod podge is mostly white glue, like Elmers, with a little bit of urethane in it.

Good luck.

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Well that sounds like something I should be using! Thank you! The heat resistance is what I need. I made more tonight, but have not sealed. I will find the Rustoleum tomorrow after work. I can't wait to try it!

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Good luck! You might want to test on one first.
Those are gourgeous! What are they made of? Would you share some of your technique?

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Sure! It was so easy! Go to Youtube and look up Marbleized Nails. With nail polish and a bowl of water, you place droplets of nail polish on top of water, swirl with a toothpick, and then dip your nail in. The results are so beautiful I wanted to try it on something else. So I used a ceramic tile from Home Depot for .16 and now I'm hooked. The nail polish is so bright and inexpensive! Plus you can get so many different colors nowadays. Metallic, too. But it definitely needs to be sealed.

I also want to try marbleizing fabric but it's way more involved and time consuming. Maybe in the summer when I can set the mess up outside.

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I found the heat resistant clear gloss spray. I had to order it online, as my local Home Depot and Lowe's only had colors for outdoor grills. I'll let you know how it goes when I get it. I tried regular Rustoleum gloss enamel and without the heat resistance anything hot I put on a trivet leaves a ring. The coasters seem to be fine, though. The heat resistant spray says it's for engines. My husband helped me find it.

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Will be interesting as I would think some sprays might dissolve the nail polish. "Acetone" I use nail polish remover in place of mineral spirits when I just get a little paint on my hands when painting with oil base paints(yes I still have some) So just do 1 & put it in sun & see & then try a drink on it to see if it holds up. I use Krylon matte, clear or Satin or Gloss if that is what I want but my projects haven't had any glasses set on them. Will be interested to see what works best. Jan

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