French knot

Simone_DKFebruary 14, 2005

Do any of you know how to make a french knot and can you explain how? Thankyou in advance!

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I hope this page link helps you. I have just in the past year or so learned how to do this correctly. I tried for years and they always turned out wrong. Just practice first. Wrap the thread around the needle until it looks just like the picture, then put the needle back through the cloth. In the last picture (#3) the straight line of thread to the lower left is being held kind of tight as you pull the needle through to make the knot. Good luck! If I can learn can too!

Here is a link that might be useful: French Knot

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Thankyou very mutch!


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I just looked at the instructions and discovered they suggest to wind the thread around the needle counter-clockwise. I always do mine clockwise.

Also, depending upon the amount of thread you have in your needle and the size of knot you need to get a decent sized french knot, you sometimes only need to wind twice and other times you need to wind 3 times. This is where making a small test sample on a scrap (and a good way to practice)will help you decide 2 or 3 times.

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I just got out my sewing and tried it again...both ways. The thread twisted around the needle will work either way, clockwise or counter-clockwise. I guess it's just what you are comfortable doing. It took me forever to learn this! All of my french knots would pull through when I was first learning. I can now do this correctly and am on my second picture that has a ton of them in it! Good luck!

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thank you for helping me

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