need help ideas for decorating pot for flowers

LybanApril 4, 2009


I have 5 or 6 white orchids to use as wedding decor for a wedding. The theme of wedding is black and white.

I can get these beautiful white orchids at a very good price but they come in a plain green plastic 6 inch pot.

My question,what can I put them in that all match and is very economical. I was thinking of modge podge a black and white design paper of some kind on a cheap container or would covering in material be easier. or any other ideas.

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If cost is a big factor, you could just spray paint the pots black and then tie a satin ribbon/bow around it. You could also buy fabric and just gather it up around the pots as well.

If cost is not prohibitive, I love the idea of using the square clear glass flower vases with a few clear marbles in the bottom to support the stem of one elegant orchid.


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I agree, use spray paint for plastic and then a ribbons around the top.-

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Thanks for the replies. I never thought of spray painting the pot. Maybe I will try that. The fabric might also be nice, I will experiment on one pot and see.

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You may also try a gift bag that is black, tuck in white tissue or patterned black and white tissue. Put something in bottom if necessary to raise the actual pot up a bit from bottom. Also, since orchids are not really always in 'dirt' you can just use a piece of driftwood and attached it and cover with some moss.

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