speaking of jewelry...

donnas_gwApril 12, 2009

what was that stuff called that came in rectangular sizes (maybe 1 1/2" wide X 4" long)? It came in many different colors, solids and prints, You could melt it down and make jewelry out of it? Seems it was called plastic something. Used to sell it at the craft store I worked in years ago. I had bought some of it but had absolutely no luck with it LOL.

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Was it fantastic plastic?

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jeane, you jogged my memory LOL. It was called Friendly Plastic. I remember you put these sticks of plastic into hot water and it would melt them. Then you could shape it however you wanted. It didn't work for me. Here's a picture:

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Gosh I had some of that - wonder what I ever did with it.

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barb, I may as well have been trying to sculpt something with polymar clay LOL. I'm just not that artistic. I wonder if they even make Friendly Plastic anymore?

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I have 2 kits of it, haven't tried doing anything with it. Got it from a friend. One of many things I'm going to try "one of these days'LOL Jan

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Yes they still make it and DH bought some at a Estate sale last summer was going to do a project with it. Never happened. There sure a lots of pretty colors as you can see from donnas post.

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