There are tons of wish lists here BUT

nookieFebruary 9, 2007

Very very few thank-you's . Does this bother anyone else? I used to come here everyday and now I think it's the pits. Whatever happened to the posts on how to do this and that, or what is everyone working on? Or even the chit chat? The wish lists didn't bother me until they got out of control. I'll still help some of you out if I can, BUT if you can't even come back to say a measely thank-you then why do you bother?


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I agree, manners and a simple Thank you go a very long way.

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I would like to thank everyone for being here and helping those of us who need it. Liz

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I would like to respond to nookie: Everytime I answer a request for a pattern, I have had nothing but positive responses and thanks and offers of $$ or patterns. I think I have made a few new friends through this site and enjoy it very much.


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I agree, a simple thanks works wonders. I've helped a few people, but sometimes I finally have to ask if they received my emails, etc. Then I might get a thank you, but I'll keep trying to help, it's what I do!

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