Another use for Fish Poacher Pan?

nancedarJanuary 24, 2014

I have a stainless steel INOX from Italy fish poaching pan with a steamer/lifting rack and lid that has seen many a slab of fish. There should be something else I can use it for - any suggestions?


Here is a link that might be useful: INOX Fish Poacher Pan

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It should work great for steaming vegetable custards or timbales in individual cups.

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No reason why you couldn't roast in it. Long Narrow roasts like a pork loin or a beef tenderloin. Minus the lid. You could also bake cabbage rolls covered in that pan.


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I steam boneless chicken breasts when making chicken salad. This would be perfect.
I would also use it for steaming asparagus.
I think I want one of these now!

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1. Perfect for lasagna.

2. If you look at images of BBQ spare ribs, you see lots of bones sticking out. The more bones you see, the more meat shrinkage has happened and you get dry falling-off-the-bone meat. That is not a very desirable thing especially for a BBQ competition. This poacher pan may be perfect for making ribs. Just big enough for a rack of small baby back ribs. Rub and season one rack, put in pan and cover. Roast ribs in oven under very low heat for many hours, until meat beome tender but not mushy, than grill on extreme charcoal fire.

You will get incredible ribs with not much meat shrinkage.


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I have this same pan from Italy, which I bought at a restaurant supply store. It lives in the garage because I seldom have a fish that large to poach. After poaching the fish, I decided that I liked the fish stock that I got better than the fish - it seemed that most of the flavor went into the stock.

I wonder if it would be good for tamales?


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I use mine for steaming frozen crab legs.

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I have used mine for baking no knead bread in a long baguette shape.


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OK, it has been a few days since your replies - thank you so much! I've made pullman shaped bread, rice custard pudding in cups, baby back ribs before the grill (electric not the outside frozen gas grill), and enchiladas. I had to stop looking at it like a poacher and begin looking at it as a new vessel and I so appreciate you sharing your ideas. It's not going to gather any more dust while I wait for fishing to start up again late Feb.

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